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VUNDO & ANTIVIRUS2007 popups

want to get rid of pop up PictureProject import assistant when i turn computer on.

Way too many I.E. pop-ups?

Way Too Many Pop Ups

web addresses pop up on browser bar

Weather.com/Casino Pop-up/Freeze

Web page popups

Web page window won't close

Webbuying / Vundo Popups overtaking PC.please help

web pages will not close

Weird "Run As" box keeps popping up - am I infected with a virus/malware?

Weird popup

Weird Pop-up

Weird pop-up upon start-up.

Weird popups about window

Weird pop-ups

Weird pop up window

Weird Pop up in Start up

weird pop up problem

Weird folders keep popping up during start-up!

What does this pop up mean?

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